Public Urged To Forget Smartphones During Remembrance

A new campaign by the Royal British Legion aims to engage a younger audience.

The 'Pause to Remember' campaign is encouraging young people to put down their phones and pause this Remembrance Day (Picture: Royal British Legion).

The Royal British Legion (RBL) is trying to encourage more young people to take part in remembrance ceremonies and observe the traditional two-minute silence.

As part of a new Remembrance campaign, the charity is urging people to put down their smartphones and take part in the traditional two-minute silence on the 100th Armistice Day.

"This year, we’re asking the nation to pause - mute your phone, close your laptop, switch off the telly, for just two minutes and pay your respects to our Armed Forces community, past and present", announced the RBL, targeting the tech-generation on social media.

The charity wants people to mute their phones and close their laptops as part of the Pause to Remember campaign.

It is hoping to encourage younger generations to take part by launching a Snapchat filter and Twitter emoji.

Last week, the RBL launched 'Operation Poppy' as part of the 2019 Poppy Appeal.

Celebrities hidden among groups of poppy collectors were revealed on social media, members of the public racing to break Government Communication Headquarters (GCHQ) codes to identify the famous faces first.

The Snapchat photo filter will go live on Remembrance Sunday, in an attempt to engage a younger audience (Picture: Royal British Legion).

The poppy emoji will appear when a Twitter user includes certain Remembrance hashtags between 31 October and 15 November 2019, including '#TwoMinuteSilence', '#RemembranceDay', '#ArmisticeDay' and '#LestWeForget'.

A Snapchat filter will also go live on Remembrance Sunday 10 November.

The Royal British Legion’s Head of Remembrance, Catherine Davies, said: "Through our social channels we are reaching out to the general public, but we especially hope young people will get involved... it's vital we pass on the torch of Remembrance to the new generations."