Pub shed of the year: A look inside veteran's mancave with a taste of HMS Ark Royal

A Navy veteran who installed old aircraft carrier bar pumps into his pub shed has picked up the top UK prize for his Weymouth garden invention.

Iain, who served in the Gulf War, the Far East and the West Indies, brought a taste of HMS Ark Royal back with him after his forces career ended in 2010.

He got to work on 'Weety's Bar' soon after – adding military memorabilia and authentic pub atmosphere over time.

What started with some wooden panels from an industrial estate evolved into the ultimate mancave, complete with wi-fi, television and traditional games.

A public vote, organised by Pub Shed Radio and pub signage company Two Fat Blokes, officially named the bar the best in class.

Veteran friends from Iain's Navy days have become regulars, entering through the side gate to share fond memories.

Weety's owner and veteran Iain with his award.
Weety's owner and veteran Iain with his award.

Gary Mitchell, who also served 22 years in the military, said: "Hands down, he's a winner. He's always got friends up here, got the music on, it's got a great atmosphere."

Iain said ex-servicemen often "catch up" at Weety's, along with those without a service past, to keep up with the latest forces gossip.

He never expected to receive the award, he said, but described it as a win for the "senior service". 

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