Protests Outside Home Office For Stranded Afghan Interpreters

Former UK staff are demanding more protection for others who helped British troops.

A group of Afghan interpreters who worked for the British Army are holding a protest outside the Home Office in London, demanding more protection for translators stranded in Kabul.

Many interpreters and loved ones have failed to secure safe passage out of the Afghan capital, after the Taliban takeover in recent weeks.

There are fears the militant group will execute former UK staff trying to leave the country.

One Afghan interpreter, Rafi, says his brother has been caught in the crush outside Kabul airport and "faces the danger of being killed by the Taliban at any time".

Boris Johnson has promised up to 5,000 Afghans can find refuge in the UK this year, with up to 20,000 to resettle in the longer term.

The Prime Minister is also urging US President Joe Biden to keep US troops in Afghanistan beyond the 31 August withdrawal deadline, although the Taliban has refused to extend the deadline to evacuate.