Princess Anne at centenary celebrations for Royal Corps of Signals in February (Picture: British Army).

Princess Royal Pays Tribute To Royal Signals On Centenary

Princess Anne at centenary celebrations for Royal Corps of Signals in February (Picture: British Army).

Today marks the 100th birthday of the Royal Corps of Signals.

28 June 1920 saw Winston Churchill grant the unit a Royal Warrant, and the Princess Royal has honoured the Corps in a video message to mark the centenary.

In the video, the history and significance of the British Army's cyber and telecommunications experts was celebrated.

"Ever since the corps started it’s been at the forefront of development in signals technology and communications technology, so its been a pretty exciting place to be I think,” said the Princess Royal.

“The way the corps has developed has really proved the point, the necessity, of having a specialist corps in it’s own right." 

WATCH: A royal message to the Royal Signals.

Winston Churchill was Secretary of State for Defence when the Royal Signals were formed.

The 100 years to follow have seen global deployment - involved in every UK military since entering the force.

Other celebrities including Phil Neville, Dame Kelly Holmes, Bear Grylls, and Kris Akabusi wished the Corps a happy birthday in a separate video.

As part of extended celebrations this month, students from the Foreman of Signals course also launched the Corps' emblem to the edge of space.

The course prepares Royal Signals sergeants for a range of technical roles.

Attached to a weather balloon and a guidance computer, the emblem known as 'Jimmy' was successfully launched 130,000 feet high.

Brigadier John Collyer, Commander 1st (UK) Signal Brigade, said:

“Sending Jimmy, our mascot, into space is a typically impressive example of the excellence of our next generation of engineering leaders. These students will lead us as we modernise at pace and fight to win in the information arena.  This project is a perfect expression of the students’ innovation and persistence – pushing all boundaries, challenging norms and solving the toughest of problems.

The Royal Corps of Signals is currently deployed to several locations across the globe, including Op TORAL in Afghanistan, working with the Kabul Security Force.

 Major-General Sharon Nesmith, the Army’s newly appointed Master of Signals said:

“We are in a great position to tackle whatever our second century brings, investing in our people through apprenticeships and professional qualifications, and at the cutting edge of cyber and technological operations.”

Cover image: Princess Anne at centenary celebrations for Royal Corps of Signals in February (Picture: British Army).

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