Princess Royal Officially Opens New Bovington Tank Museum

It may be her nephew's wedding tomorrow, but that has not stopped a day of duties for the Princess Royal.

Princess Anne opened a new workshop at the Bovington Tank Museum, where a restored Second World War tank has been named in her honour.

Hundreds of hours were spent lovingly restoring the Matilda tank, now named Princess Royal, to return it to full working order.

Princess Royal Bovington Tank

Bovington is the museum of the Royal Tank Regiment and Royal Armoured Corps and holds 300 tanks and armoured vehicles from 26 nations.

The official opening of its new £2m facility will allow for further work on its collection, a special event for the museum curator, David Willey:

"Today, for the museum, really important for us because we are opening our brand new set of workshops.

"It's the last piece of an over £20m development on the site here and we've been very honoured because Princess Anne has come down to the museum to cut the ribbon."

Bovington Tank Museum

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