Princess Anne taking Armed Forces Day salute in Salisbury

Princess Anne Receives Army And RAF Promotions On 70th Birthday

The Queen has approved promotions to General in the British Army and Air Chief Marshal in the Royal Air Force for her daughter.

Princess Anne taking Armed Forces Day salute in Salisbury

The Princess Royal has been promoted in the Royal Air Force and British Army on her 70th birthday.

Princess Anne received promotions to the rank of General in the Army and to Air Chief Marshal in the RAF.

They will formally take effect immediately and have been approved by the Queen to mark her birthday.

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) said the promotions reflect Anne's "invaluable contribution and commitment to the military".

It brings the Princess Royal’s Army and RAF ranks in line with the rank of Admiral she holds within the Royal Navy, and follows the long-standing convention of military promotions for members of the Royal Family.

Princess Royal meets HMS Montrose crew
The Princess Royal has close ties to the Armed Forces (Picture: Royal Navy).

Princess Anne has had close ties in particular with the Royal Navy, initially through the Women’s Royal Naval Service, and was promoted to Admiral Chief Commandant in 2012.

More recently, she visited Royal Logistic Corp personnel in Northern Ireland and paid tribute to the Royal Corps of Signals to mark their 100th anniversary in June.

It is not known how Anne's birthday is being marked but the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh are at the Balmoral estate in Scotland so celebrations could be held there.