Prince Harry

Prince Harry Retraces Mother's Minefield Steps

The Duke of Sussex is highlighting the ongoing threat of the munitions in Angola.

Prince Harry walks through Angolan minefield (Picture: PA images).

Prince Harry has retraced the steps of his mother, Princess Diana, by walking through a former minefield in Angola. 

The Duke of Sussex was highlighting the ongoing threat of the munitions there, more than 20 years after his mother visited to urge the world to ban the weapons.

He walked into an area that was once an artillery base for anti-government forces who had mined the position in 2000 before retreating.

The dusty scrubland was marked with red warning signs showing the skull and crossbones, with the Portuguese words 'Perigo Minas!' and the English translation below - 'danger mines'.

Princess Diana's pictures raised the profile of the mine clearance charity the HALO Trust. 

Princess Diana at a minefield in Angola, January 1997 (Picture: PA images).

Its regional manager Jose Antonio took Harry onto the site where his staff have been working since August to make it safe, and he hopes they can complete their painstaking clearance by the end of October.

An anti-personnel mine had been discovered earlier and Harry was asked to set it off with a controlled explosion to safely destroy the decades-old weapon.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are in Africa - on their first official tour since the birth of their son, Archie.