Prince Charles meets NHS and Armed Forces representatives at Skipton House 090321 CREDIT POOL

Charles And Camilla Thank Military And NHS England For Vaccine Rollout

Prince Charles meets NHS and Armed Forces representatives at Skipton House 090321 CREDIT POOL

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall have thanked military personnel and NHS staff for their work in the coronavirus vaccine rollout.

Prince Charles and Camilla were visiting Skipton House in London, where NHS England and Public Health England are based, to learn more about the work being done by the health service and Ministry of Defence in the rollout.

The royals also met representatives of both NHS England and the Armed Forces.

The Prince of Wales said it was a "great pleasure" to meet people working in the various teams and hear their experiences.

"The fact that you have basically, I suspect, spent seven days a week permanently on this particular battle against this virus is a truly remarkable tribute to the effectiveness of the NHS," the Prince of Wales said.

"The fact that you've been able to deal with this and now we see the numbers going down dramatically [and] that you had such a success, of course, with the rollout of the vaccines and the organisation of all that.

"The sheer logistical planning is remarkable.

"I cannot tell you how full of admiration we are," he added.

Prince Charles also said: "You make us very proud."

Prince Charles speaks to members of the military at Skipton House 090321 CREDIT POOL
Prince Charles and Camilla visited Skipton House in London on Tuesday.

Around 30 military personnel are at Skipton House to support NHS England.

Last week, Prince Charles and Camilla wrote to some of their affiliated military units to thank them for their efforts in the COVID-19 vaccination programme.

Whilst in February, the Duke of Cambridge told Armed Forces personnel who were supporting the vaccine rollout to keep up the good work.

Personnel from across the Royal Navy, British Army and RAF have played a key role in the UK's COVID-19 response, including assisting with the logistics of the vaccine rollout and administering jabs.

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