Boris Johnson Discusses Defence Spending With Troops

The Prime Minister has met with troops on Salisbury Plain, to hear their ideas about where defence money could be spent.

Boris Johnson flew in on a Chinook helicopter, alongside the Defence Secretary, Ben Wallace.

The Prime Minister told service personnel: "Well we're investing in our defence capabilities, in our wonderful armed services, we're putting another £2.2 billion above the inflation increase in defence spending, which is what I think is crucial for our country, we must be safe."

Boris Johnson with troops on Salisbury Plain.
Boris Johnson with troops on Salisbury Plain.

Troops said they pushed the value of kit and equipment to the Prime Minister during his visit.

Trooper Luljeta Boyde, Queen's Royal Hussars, said Mr Johnson was interested in hearing how armoured regiments could progress forward.

Mr. Johnson went on to say: "I don't think people realise we are brilliant, brilliant exporters of fantastic equipment that helps to makes the world safe, so we make the world's best frigates that can help tackle piracy, help tackle people smuggling around the world, do all sorts of wonderful things and this generates huge, huge income revenue for our country."

The Prime Minister's mode of transport to Salisbury Plain.
The Prime Minister's mode of transport to Salisbury Plain.

With Brexit negotiations still hanging overhead, what would a 'no deal' mean for the Armed Forces?

Asked about whether troops are ready to help with Operation Yellowhammer, the Prime Minister told Forces News: "We will be prepared for every eventuality, and clearly, as we saw with the Olympics and many other operations, the armed services can step in and do a fantastic job.

"We're very confident we will be ready and we're getting readier the whole time."

Earlier in the day, the Prime Minister met with military chiefs to talk about ensuring the armed forces are "match fit" in the face of any threat to the UK.

On Wednesday evening, Mr. Johnson hosted servicemen and women at 10 Downing Street, who told him about their experiences of serving their country on the front line.

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