Porton Down Laboratory.

Porton Down Assisting With Coronavirus Response

Porton Down Laboratory.

Scientists at the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), Porton Down are helping deal with the spread of the coronavirus.

"Dstl is providing hazard assessment, microbiological testing and operational analysis support to Government," the Ministry of Defence (MOD) said in a statement.

James Heappey, Minister for the Armed Forces, said scientists and helicopter crews were "busy helping".

He also confirmed the MOD could lend the NHS some of its ventilators.

Earlier this month, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the British Army is "ready to backfill" for the police "as and when" required, as part of "long-established plans" for worst-case scenarios.

soldier in Poland tested positive for the virus on Tuesday, in addition to two personnel in Cyprus last week.

Those living in RAF Service Family Accommodation have been urged to declare any COVID-19 symptoms.

It was also confirmed earlier today that Invictus Games training camps for Team UK athletes have been called off because of coronavirus.

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