Police On The Hunt For Youths Who Distressed Military Horses

Videos have emerged on social media of young people throwing items at the animals.

Melton Police are investigating a reported incident at the Defence Animal Training Regiment headquarters.

Reports have emerged of a group of young people throwing items at military horses and chasing them in a field in Melton.

Social media footage shows the animals in distress as the incident was taking place on 1 July.

Officers are now on the hunt to identify the perpetrators. 

"We don’t feel the young people realise either the risk to themselves or the horses," said Sergeant Iain Wakelam, Deputy Commander of the Melton neighbourhood policing team.

Once found, those responsible for distressing the animals will be put in touch with the Army staff at Asfordby Road Camp.

The staff will explain to the perpetrators what effect their actions have on the horses.

"We are trying to identify them so they can be educated by Army instructors around these risks and hopefully stop this childish behaviour," said Sergeant Wakelam. 

Members of the public are being encouraged to share any information with the local authorities.

Two years ago, vandals released 21 Army horses from the camp onto local roads, leading to some of them being seriously injured.