Polar Preet's new coast-to-coast quest to conquer Antarctica

A British Army officer – the first woman of colour to cross Antarctica and reach the South Pole unsupported – has set her eyes on a new challenge.

Captain Preet Chandi, best known as 'Polar Preet', says she now wants to trek across the continent from one end to the other.  

Polar Preet was speaking to Forces News at a homecoming party at The Shard in London, where she was congratulated by her supporters and sponsors, including BFBS.

Capt Chandi became the third-fastest woman to trek solo to the South Pole.

She trekked 700 miles to reach the South Pole in 40 days, battling 60mph winds and pulling a 90kg sled in temperatures of -50°C.

Polar Preet, who is Sikh, is proud of her achievement and hopes she has inspired others from all backgrounds.

"Coming from a community where I sometimes definitely felt I was encouraged to stay in my lane or stay in a certain box, you come out of that.

"The more I've done the more I've realised I'm capable of, and there is so so much out there and I really hope to reach as many people as possible," she said.

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