Polar Preet: 'Big milestone' hit after reaching final 60 nautical miles to South Pole

Captain Chandi is nearing the end of her 28-day attempt to become the first woman of colour to cross Antarctica unsupported.

British Army Captain Harpreet Chandi has made it to the last degree, the final 60 nautical miles of her unsupported trek to the South Pole. 

In the most recent post on her website, she was pleased to report the "big milestone" and that she "might even see other people soon" as other last degree expeditions take place.

A retired Major General recently believed the Army Captain could set a new record time on her solo and unsupported trek to the South Pole.

Captain Chandi said in her Day 36 post: "I had a long day, just under 20 hours.

"It's 24-hour daylight but it suddenly gets a lot colder when there's cloud cover or a whiteout which is what I had for a few hours."

She dedicated her progress to several "really great instructors", who gave her a great baseline for her time during the expedition.