Polar Preet: Antarctica expedition 'longest I've ever been alone'

British Army officer Captain Harpreet Chandi is attempting to become the first woman of colour to cross Antarctica unsupported.

The British Army's Captain Harpreet Chandi says her Antarctica expedition is the "longest I have ever been alone".

The military officer is attempting to become the first woman of colour to cross the Antarctic unsupported.

She is now one week into her trek, sponsored by BFBS, which is expected to last 45 days.

Capt Chandi is pulling a sled with her kit, all while facing temperatures of -50°C and wind speeds of up to 60mph.

She has been posting updates on her progress via her website, with her day seven message stating: "This is definitely the longest I've ever been alone and haven't seen anyone else.

"I skied for 11 hours today, which is the furthest I've done so far.

"I won't be going for longer than this as I still need to leave time for my tent admin, melting snow, eating my food, and, of course, sleeping."