With an increasingly assertive Russia, Poland is now on NATO’s frontline.

The Alliance has responded with what it calls an enhanced forward presence there, and Britain’s contribution is a contingent of Light Dragoons.

150 reconnaissance troops from A Squadron are now in a US-led Battlegroup.

Poland NATO

For six months the force has been in north-east Poland near the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad in a commitment that will last until at least 2020.

Soldiers and equipment have already left for Poland from the unit’s Catterick base, but the British presence on Polish soil is dwarfed by several thousand American troops.

As well as a multinational battle group, the US now base an entire Armoured Brigade in Poland, however the UK presence is occasionally beefed up on large scale training exercises.

Poland NATO

16 Air Assault Brigade are among the more recent visitors; three years ago the King’s Royal Hussars took their tanks to the south of the country.

Britain clearly values its relationship with Poland, as was illustrated by the Duke and Duchess’ visit to the country in July.

However, Warsaw has previously requested a much larger and permanent British military presence there.

In response the government is conducting a national security review likely to focus on the defence of NATO’s eastern flank which includes Poland.

Poland NATO