Piglet discovered on runway at RAF Lossiemouth by Engineer SAC(T) George French

Piglet rescued from RAF Lossiemouth runway

The animal was rescued before morning flying took place.

Piglet discovered on runway at RAF Lossiemouth by Engineer SAC(T) George French

A piglet has been rescued from a RAF Lossiemouth runway as pilots prepared for morning flying.

Senior Aircraftman Technician George French made the discovery and rescued the animal while routinely checking the runway for unusual activity or hazards.

A post on RAF Lossiemouth's Facebook page said: "Our people are trained to keep an eye out for unusual activity or hazards on our runways whilst they carry out their skilled jobs in order to keep our personnel and aircraft safe.

"You will be happy to know no piglets, personnel or aircraft were harmed during this strange turn of events!"

It is not the first time in the last year the Royal Air Force has been involved in the rescue of an animal – in December a pig was rescued and returned to its owners after it wandered on to the airfield at RAF Benson.

In July, a Puma helicopter was used to save a cow that had been stranded in a Cumbrian gorge for several days.

The animal was stuck close by Crammel Linn Waterfall on the RAF Spadeadam estate, but muddy surfaces meant the fire brigade was unable to help it.

In other wildlife news, one of the UK's largest and most endangered spiders was rediscovered in a Ministry of Defence training area in October.

The Great Fox-Spider, red-listed as 'critically endangered', had not been sighted in the UK for more than 25 years and was feared extinct.

Cover image: RAF Lossiemouth/Facebook.