Royal Marines

In Pictures: Royal Marines complete Mojave Desert exercises with intense five-day battle

The Royal Marines have completed desert exercises in California with an intensive five-day battle.

The British commandos have spent the last two months in the Mojave Desert preparing for deployments next year as part of the newly-formed Littoral Response Group (South).

The conclusion of the exercises, known as Green Dagger, was five days of gruelling warfighting which saw allied forces – from the US, Canada, United Arab Emirates, the Netherlands and UK – join forces to take on a highly-equipped US Marine Corps adversary.

The exercise focused around three urban sprawls which were defended by allied forces, the largest of which consisted of 1,200 buildings, purpose-built for the military.

It was testing the deployment of the new Littoral Response Group (LRG) in a guerrilla war-fighting facility on the west coast of America against well-equipped US Marine Corps opponents.

Royal Marines and allies eventually forced US troops to surrender days into the training exercise at Twentynine Palms, the enormous battleground facility in the California desert.

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