In Pictures: RAF Typhoon Display Team Honours Battle Of Britain Anniversary

The Royal Air Force Typhoon Display team have flown over the white cliffs of the UK's southern coastline to mark the upcoming Battle of Britain anniversary.

The team were retracing the footsteps of the heroic Battle of Britain pilots, known as the "The Few".

Normally based at RAF Coningsby, they were returning from four days of displays at the Bournemouth Air Festival.

Speaking about the sortie, Typhoon display pilot Flight Lieutenant James Sainty said: "It was an honour to fly the Union Flag over the white cliffs to commemorate the anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

"Looking down to see the stunning coastline and the pure whiteness of the cliffs, as the fighter pilots who fought in the Battle of Britain would have done many years ago, was an incredible experience."

The cliffs saw plenty of action in the summer of 1940 and have a long history as a location for observation and warning. 

It was 15 September 1940 which saw an overwhelming and decisive defeat for the Luftwaffe and the occasion is celebrated in the UK as Battle of Britain Day.

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