IN PICTURES: Queen Presents New Colours To Scots Guards

Soldiers from Aldershot paraded before Her Majesty as their flag was formally retired...

The Queen has presented new regimental colours to the 1st Battalion Scots Guards at Buckingham Palace.

Soldiers from Aldershot paraded before their family and friends before lining up to be inspected by the Queen.

Her Majesty addressed the regiment paying particular attention to tours of duty they have embarked on since the last colour presentation.   

Before this huge occasion, they were inspected by the regimental Lieutenant Colonel, who verified that they were ready for the ceremony.

Platoon Commander, Lieutenant Ed Mills, said this is a "once in 20 years opportunity"

"It gives us an opportunity to remember all the battle honours we've had inscribed on our colours, and wade in a new time in the regiment's history."

Troops have been rehearsing for more than a month before the appointment:

Her Majesty has a long-standing relationship with the regiment, first presenting them with new colours in 1965, then again in 2002.

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