Fuel Shortages: Military Begin Deliveries On Monday

Almost 200 personnel will be deployed on 4 October to relieve pressure on petrol stations.

Military tanker drivers will begin fuel deliveries to UK forecourts from Monday as shortages across the country continue.

Defence Secretary, Ben Wallace said there will be "over 200" Army personnel helping out with the fuel crisis "by the end of the week at least".

The 200 personnel, 100 of which are drivers, will be used to ease pressure on the fuel supply chain, despite Government claims the demand situation is "stabilising".

Troops have been undergoing specialised training at haulier sites to familiarise themselves with the delivery process.

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A shortage of HGV drivers has been blamed for fuel supply problems which have led to lengthy waits outside stations, many of which have been forced to close as supplies run out.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said: "Across the weekend over 200 military personnel will have been mobilised as part of Operation Escalin.

"While the situation is stabilising, our Armed Forces are there to fill in any critical vacancies and help keep the country on the move by supporting the industry to deliver fuel to forecourts."

Op Escalin is a contingency plan to deploy military-trained drivers to maintain road fuel deliveries if the supply chain is disturbed.

As part of further short-term measures, the Government is also allowing up to 300 fuel tanker drivers immediate UK entry on a temporary basis.