Paws For Remembrance: The National Memorial Arboretum Opens Up For Man's Best Friend

The annual walkies takes pooches on a 5km route to areas not usually accessible to four-legged visitors

Picture: View from Toby, a Whippet Staffordshire bull terrier cross, our 'doggy cameraman'

More than 350 dogs and their owners have taken part in the annual 'Paws for Remembrance' event at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire.

The special walk, run in partnership with the pet charity the PDSA, takes pooches on a 5km route to areas not usually accessible to four-legged visitors. 

Now in its third-year, the event aims to open up the site to man's best friend, as dogs normally have to stick to designated routes. 

Paws For Remembrance

Along the route on the 150-acre site, they encounter memorials for military personnel, those in the police, ambulance and fire services, as well as other charity and volunteer workers who have passed away. 

Mark Ellis from the National Memorial Arboretum said; 

"The Armed Forces Memorial is on the route, they’ll go past Shot at Dawn, they’ll go past the Royal Veterinary Core – a very important one ... It really does give a good feel of the breadth of the 350 memorials on site."

Paws For Remembrance

For one dog owner, the walk was a time for reflection;

"It not only supports the area and the facilities that are here but it gets everyone thinking and remembering, not only for the people who have died but the animals as well."

This year was the biggest turn out so far, proving Paws for Remembrance is a popular attaction for dogs and owners alike.