Path Of Blood Film Jihadis

‘Path Of Blood’ Documentary Reveals The Footage Al Qaeda Terrorists Did Not Want To Be Seen

Path of Blood depicts Islamic terrorism as it has never been seen before.

Path Of Blood Film Jihadis

Fresh from its release in cinemas earlier this year, the unsettling and extraordinary documentary Path of Blood has been shown to MPs in Parliament.

Path of Blood depicts Islamic terrorism as it has never been seen before, drawing entirely from jihadi home-movie footage captured by Saudi security services.

WATCH: Former Royal Marine Cassidy Little speaks to the documentary's director Jonathan Hacker for Forces TV's film show, Rated.

The documentary combines unique access to raw footage from young jihad warriors, juxtaposed to the police footage from immediately after terrorist attacks. 

Jonathan Hacker depicts a raw and gruesome journey of the young volunteers, as they attempt to purge the Saudi government, seen by them to be supporting the western infidels, from their great land.

Hacker believes that while this is a challenging film, it is also exciting, "there is no way that anyone is bored for a second in this film.

"On a more profound level, I think it helps you understand the political phenomena of the 21st century. 

"We have in our minds a very simplistic conception of their psychology and I think when you watch this film you absolutely get to understand that these are ordinary kids - often very young, often very naive, often very stupid even - but they are still capable of great evil because of the belief system they've bought into."

Path of Blood Still
Picture: Trinity Filmed Entertainment

I found this film a tough watch for a couple of reasons. 

Firstly, if you are not used to the realities of war, then the footage in this documentary is shocking. There is a lot of death, there is a lot of blood, there is a lot of sacrifice and frankly a lot of wasted life.

Secondly, it is disturbing, and this is because we have never seen anything like this before. Think about the news content we are used to, we have been repeatedly told by the people we elect that these terrorists have been brainwashed ... Then a documentary like this comes along.

Path of Blood
Picture: Trinity Filmed Entertainment

We witness these young men preparing for death and it involves playing football, joking around and drinking coffee. They are very casual in what they are doing, at times even farcical, and the fear and doubt are so subtle in their eyes that it is frightening.

Hacker says:

"This film is dark but it does have a lot of black humour in it which I think comes as a surprise.

"When they are doing wheelbarrow races in the desert, you just can't believe that these trainee terrorists are doing children's games out there.

"There a human truth, that you can be incompetent say, but still be a terrorist and blow people up.

"You don't need to be particularly competent to press a button."

The mindset of these men is captured perfectly.

I must warn you there are parts of this that even my mind struggled to accept.

Some of this is heartbreaking. I say that from both sides - everything from the little girl who survived a bombing, to the young man boasting about his 72 virgins while astride the truck laden with explosives that will take him to his paradise. It is all heartbreaking.

Path of Blood is a movie everyone should watch but I am not totally sure everyone can handle watching. 

So tackle it if you are ready because it is as raw as it comes and as true as it gets.

Path of Blood is now on general release.