Parade Marks 17 Corunna Battery's Departure To Suspended Animation

A parade has been held in Gutersloh, Germany, to mark 17 Corunna Battery's departure in to suspended animation. 

Suspended animation means 17 Corunna Battery has effectively been put on hold but could one day come back in service.

17 Battery of 26th Royal Regiment Royal Artillery is the senior battery of the Regiment, and since the Second World War the Battery has seen operational service in Malaya, Northern Ireland, the Gulf War, Bosnia, Kosovo and most recently in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Parade for suspended animation of 17 Corunna Battery

The Band of the Royal Regiment of Scotland marched 26th Regiment Royal Artillery on to its parade ground in the Mansergh Barracks to say goodbye to the 17 Corunna Battery soldiers and their families.

Major Julian Hill, Battery Commander, 17 Corunna Battery said it was: "Absolutely brilliant to see so many people turn up and really good to see some of the old and bold from 17 Battery make the trip across to Germany."   

17 Corunna Battery enters suspended animation.
17 Corunna Battery enters suspended animation.

The Parade was taken by Honourary Colonel Major General Stuart Skeates, who is the former Colonel of the Regiment. He said: "It's difficult to not have a tinge of sadness on a day like today. 

"17 Corunna Battery is 261 years old, it has an immensely distinguished history.

"I think we've got to be optimistic and we got to be able to look forward to what promises to be a very bright future for the regiment."

Those serving with the Battery will move onto new positions, with some taking up completely different roles within the Artillery. 

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