RAF Bombs Last Major Islamic State Stronghold In Syria

British aircraft provided air support as the city of Hajin was recaptured.

The Royal Air Force has bombed ISIS’s last major stronghold in Syria.

Since November 23, RAF Typhoon and Tornado jets have mounted a sustained bombardment of targets in the city of Hajin - close to the Iraqi border.

On the same day Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) began attacking IS positions to the north and north-east of the city.

Two Tornado GR4s and two Typhoon FGR4s helped the SDF with air support and careful coordination between the two organisations saw repeated hits against enemy targets.

Between December 5 and 17, RAF Typhoons, Tornados and Reapers hit IS targets every day and continued to provide air support for SDF troops as they advanced into Hajin, with most of the city reportedly recaptured by 14th December.

In a statement, Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said:

“The advance through Hajin is a huge milestone and shows that Daesh are being pushed further back into the shadows.

"Make no mistake though, although this is another significant battle won, much hard work still lies ahead to ensure we win the war."

It comes as US President Donald Trump posted on Twitter that IS are "doomed", after claiming the terrorist group had been "defeated" in Syria.