Military Life

Muslim Leaders Given Military Insight With Demonstration

7 Infantry Brigade invited Imams and other community representatives to have a look at what the armed forces do.

Members of the military have spent a day with Muslim community leaders in Nottingham to give them an insight into how the armed forces works.

7 Infantry Brigade invited the guests, including 22 Imams, to a day of engagement and conversation.

They were given a hands-on experience of training - including working out how to rescue a water bottle from a sea of shark-infested custard, using just a few ropes and their ingenuity.

The military is still below its 2020 target for 10% of regular personnel intake to be Black, Asian and Minority Ethnicities (BAME) servicemen and women.

Data released last year suggested the Army was the most ethnically diverse of the services.

It outlined just over 9% of recruits across the armed forces during annual intake came from BAME communities.

Major Naveed Muhammad, Army National Liaison Officer, said the number of 650 Muslims serving in the forces are not representative of British society as a whole.

He said the engagement is crucial:

"Why would you want to become part of it if you didn't understand what it stood for?"

Local property developer Najam Hussain spoke of how Muslim families he knows, do not necessarily see a career in the military as suitable for their children.

He said his mind has changed, noting how the Army does "nurture individuals to basically become a better version of themselves."