Op Shader

Op Shader Exclusive: What Next For UK's Fight Against IS?

The RAF's Middle East operations commander exclusively told Forces News it is difficult to know when the UK's mission against IS will end.

The Royal Air Force's air component commander to the Middle East operations says the UK's air campaign against so-called Islamic State has developed into a "cat and mouse game", using patience and intelligence.

Air Commodore Simon Strasdin, speaking exclusively to Forces News, said it remains difficult to know when the UK's contribution to the coalition mission against IS, codenamed Operation Shader, will end.

Earlier this month, RAF Typhoons supported Iraqi ground forces under fire from IS, also known as Daesh, about 30 miles south of Erbil in northern Iraq.

Two RAF Typhoon fighter jets responded to the call for assistance prior to carrying out the 6 September air strike, with a single Paveway IV guided bomb being fired.

Aircraft based at RAF Akrotiri have been flying missions against IS for seven years as part of Op Shader.