Tom Neil met the Prince of Wales at the 77th anniversary of Battle of Britain events last year.

Wing Commander Tom Neil met the Prince of Wales last year. (Image: PA).

One of the last remaining Battle of Britain pilots has died.

Wing Commander Tom Neil died on Wednesday evening, three days before his 98th birthday.

He flew Hurricanes with No 249 Squadron throughout the Battle of Britain and is credited with having destroyed more than 17 enemy aircraft, most of them during the Battle of Britain.

Wing Cdr Neil went on to see further action in Malta, where he commanded No 41 Squadron.

After returning to the UK, he flew Spitfires over the Channel during 1943.

During an attachment to the American 9th Air Force in 1944, he took part in the invasion of Normandy and remained with the USAAF until the Allies reached the German border.

He later saw action in Burma.

Wing Cdr Neil spent a further four years after the war as a service test pilot, flying more than 100 types of aircraft.

He leaves three married sons, Terence, Patrick and Ian. His wife, Eileen, died in 2014.

Forces TV spoke to him earlier this year: