'A Number' Of Russian Vessels Monitored Through English Channel By Navy

Russian news sources claimed an anti-submarine vessel and its support ship had entered the waters.


The Royal Navy has monitored multiple Russian military ships as they passed through the English Channel.

According to Russian news agency Tass, the anti-submarine ship Vice-Admiral Kulakov was joined by two other vessels.

The reports suggested the Russian warship crews will "eventually practice a series of inter-fleet interoperability tasks in accordance with their long-distance deployment plans".

A Royal Navy spokesperson said: "We can confirm that the Royal Navy monitored a number of Russian Naval vessels as they transited through the English Channel into neighbouring waters."

The two support vessels reportedly joined up in the North Sea on 12 August after participating in Russia's Main Naval Parade in July.

The Naval Parade, known as Navy Day in Russia, took place on the river Neva in St Petersburg and involved about 4,000 sailors and more than 50 ships, boats and submarines.

More than 40 aeroplanes and helicopters were also present, according to the President of Russia's website.