'This Is Not For You' - The Play About The Plight Of Injured Veterans

"We need to remember the dead of course, but most importantly, please, respect and remember the living."

Footage from 'This Is Not For You', a Graeae Theatre Company production, co-commissioned by 14-18 NOW and Blesma, The Limbless Veterans. Directed by Jenny Sealey, Written by Mike Kenny; Designed by Liz Ascroft.

Filmed at Greenwich+Docklands International Festival 2018.

A group of veterans have teamed up with a theatre company to pay tribute to those injured through war.

The outdoor play 'This is Not For You' is part of 14-18 NOW, an arts programme to commemorate the centenary of the First World War.

It explores the difficulties personnel face when returning to civilian life.

THIS IS NOT FOR YOU 2 CREDIT 'This is Not for you' and Graeae Theatre Company
On a mock parade ground in Stockton, 24 disabled veterans joined professional actors to tell the story of veterans’ fight for respect and remembrance (Picture: 'This Is Not For You'/Graeae Theatre Company).

Jenny Sealey, the Artistic Director of Graeae, the deaf and disabled theatre company, was inspired by talking to injured veterans:

"They just said, 'Jen, it's better to come back dead than it is to come back disabled' - you get more recognition, and the process of trying to adjust to the new you is so painful, and there's a real lack of support.

"And that just stayed in my mind for ages and ages and ages, and when the 14-18 NOW funding commission was announced I thought, 'this is my opportunity to tell the story that I think is so important.'

"We need to remember the dead of course, but most importantly, please, respect and remember the living."

THIS IS NOT FOR YOU 4 CREDIT 'This is Not for you' and Graeae Theatre Company
The veterans taking part in the show are all members of Blesma, the charity for disabled veterans (Picture: 'This Is Not For You'/Graeae Theatre Company).

Luke Delahunty, RAF veteran, said: "I've done a little bit of acting so I just found something that I really enjoyed doing. So it's the fun of it, raising some awareness about the plight of injured veterans... There are just so many things about it that I enjoy."

An Army veteran, Nerys Pearce, said the play is a special way to celebrate life:

"We've all lost friends, but we're all still alive, and you do kind of feel sidelined in a way, because you're here, and so you just need to keep living.

"So it's a really special way of celebrating the fact that we're all together, all working it out."

It is written by Mike Kenny, who says it was an honour to be part of the play.

He said: "You don't always get the privilege of working on important stuff.

"Anybody who works in the media or the theatre or whatever, you do a whole variety of stuff, you sell your skills, you turn up, it's a bit like being in the military, you know, you do the job.

"Sometimes, you do a job that's more important than other jobs, and this was definitely one of these. I'm not going to forget this one soon."