Norwich Sonic Boom: RAF High-Speed Dive Responsible

The Royal Air Force confirmed the sound was created during a test flight over East Anglia.

The Royal Air Force has confirmed a sonic boom above Norwich was created by a Hawk jet on a test flight.

The service said it "regretted" any "inconvenience" caused by the noise, which can be heard when an airborne object travels faster than 767mph – the speed of sound.

An RAF spokesperson said: "The sonic boom heard in East Anglia was inadvertently caused by a RAF Hawk aircraft completing a high-speed dive as part of an air test schedule, any inconvenience caused to local residents is regretted."

It is not the first supersonic disturbance cause by the military this year.

On the 12 January, two RAF Typhoon jets scrambled from their Coningsby base to intercept a civilian aircraft – causing a boom audible across areas of London, Cambridgeshire and Essex.

Cover image: A Hawk T2 aircraft, similar to the jet which caused the sonic boom over East Anglia (Picture: RAF).