No-Deal Brexit Could Lead To Military Supporting Civilian Authorities

More than 3,000 military personnel could be tasked with keeping the peace in the case of a no-deal Brexit.

A leaked dossier showing how the Government is preparing for a no-deal Brexit includes the possibility of deploying the military.

Seen by The Sunday Times, Operation Yellowhammer explains what military assistance could be sought to help maintain order.

The document details everything from potential petrol and food shortages to the Sterling crashing and conflicts with foreign fishermen.

Plus the likely need for military intervention.

The defence contingency plan is being called Operation Redfold.

It could see 3,500 personnel tasked with providing support to civilian authorities.

Op Temperer
Civilian authorities may call upon the military for help if there is a no-deal Brexit (Library picture: MOD).

The Yellowhammer document claims there “may be a rise in public disorder and community tensions”.

This would not be the first time the UK would see its military helping during difficult times.

Michael Gove, the Cabinet minister responsible for no-deal planning, insisted Yellowhammer represented a "worst-case scenario".