Nine Tornados Mark Retirement With 'Final Flypast'

Tornado jets flew over RAF Marham to mark the aircraft's retirement.


Thousands of people turned out to see the fast jet fly over various locations (Picture: MOD).

Nine RAF Tornados flew over RAF Marham and RAF Cranwell in Lincolnshire to mark the aircraft's retirement on February 28. 

After four decades of service, the aircraft was retired as the RAF is moving to more advanced and modern capability.

The flypast event saw nine jets take off from the RAF base in Marham in the afternoon, flypast RAF College Cranwell an hour later before returning to Marham for a series of passes.

Tornado weapon capabilities have now been transferred to the Typhoon and there are nine of the F-35B aircraft ready for operations.

Earlier in February, thousands of people turned out to see the fast jet fly over various locations over three days across the country to say farewell. 

In January, Tornados returned to the UK from operations for the very the last time.

Tornados were based at RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus as part of Operation Shader, flying near daily missions over Iraq and Syria targeting fighters from the so-called Islamic State.