Young Director To Have WWII Film Released On Streaming Services

Elliott Hasler’s feature-length film, which he started when he was just 14, is to be streamed on services including Amazon and Sky.

A young filmmaker described by a film critic as potentially "the next Steven Spielberg" has had his feature-length film about his great-grandfather during the Second World War picked up by streaming services.

Elliott Hasler made headlines when he became the youngest director in the UK to make a feature film, which is now being released on Amazon and Sky.

Elliott – now 20 years old – first started filming 'WWII: The Long Road Home' when he was just 14. 

It tells the story of his great-grandfather, Charlie, who was a Prisoner of War on the run during World War Two.

It was filmed over three years across five countries.

Speaking about the film's release on multiple new platforms, Elliott said making it and distributing it had all gone "really well".

He said: "I think because it’s such a personal story really and I was always interested in history and things like that, like I study history at the moment at university, it was always something that interested me and obviously the military history I find interesting as well.

The filmmaker will see his film released on a number of platforms (Picture: Relsah Productions).

"So a lot of aspects to it I thought were really nice and it was a nice sort of narrative structure for the story as well so it just worked really well as a film."

"Because it is such a difficult process and you have to pour literally everything into it – you’re living and breathing it for the like three years I was making it so it was a big task, yeah," he added.

"We took it to Brighton Festival and Edinburgh Festival and then it was shown at a few other places and things like that.

"It did really well and now it's been picked up for distribution so it’ll be on iTunes, Amazon, Sky and sold on DVD and things like that so it’s gone really, really well."

Elliott is now filming his next project while studying history at the University of Exeter.

He told Forces News: "I’m working on another film at the moment called ‘Vindication Swim’ which is about the first English woman to swim the Channel, so I’m shooting that out on the English Channel at the moment.

"I thought that movie was tough that I did before but filming out on the English Channel is like nothing I think me, or anybody working on this film, has ever experienced before.

"I mean, it’s really tough but very rewarding at the same time."

The Long Road Home, previously titled Charlie’s Letters because of the regular correspondence between Elliott’s great-grandfather and his wife and son at home, will be released on digital download from 26 October.