New Typhoon Simulators Allow Pilots To Train In '4 Ship' Formation

The upgrade to the Typhoon flight simulation training system now allows RAF Lossiemouth squadrons to train in a formation of four aircraft...

Squadrons at RAF Lossiemouth can now train in a formation of four aircraft, known as a ‘4 ship’ - a formation that is essential on operations.

The expansion of the Typhoon Training Facility at one of the RAF's busiest bases saw the installation of two additional Emulated Deployable Cockpit Trainers or flight simulators, bringing the total to four.  

Previously, with just two flight simulators, the Moray-based squadrons had to travel to RAF Coningsby to do ‘4 ship’ exercises in the simulators there, or ‘live fly’ which used valuable resources such as aircraft, fuel and support assets.  

Flight Lieutenant Jonny Mulhall, 2 Squadron at RAF Lossiemouth said:

"Having to travel that distance is significant, it takes a day out, going there and coming back. 

"So having that facility on our doorstep makes a massive difference to our flying programme and the rate and quality of the training that we can get up here.

"It's a step change." 

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RAF Lossiemouth is currently undergoing a £132m expansion, with an additional 500 personnel due to be deployed to there.

Pilots at RAF Lossiemouth defend the UK’s northern airspace, and Typhoons have been scrambled to escort Russian Air Force bombers which were flying over the North Sea.