Cover image: Royal Navy.

New Royal Marine Reservists Receive Royal Congratulations

A message from Prince Michael of Kent was read out to the reservists after they completed the gruelling Commando 30 Miler.

Cover image: Royal Navy.

Royal Marine reservists have been congratulated by Prince Michael of Kent after completing their final commando test – a 30-mile trek across Dartmoor in Devon.

The event is the culmination of a week-long set of challenges, including a six-mile endurance course, a nine-mile speed march and the infamous Tarzan course.

The special message was read out to the reservists after they completed the gruelling Commando 30 Miler and the Prince, who is the Commodore-in-Chief Maritime Reserves, said those completing the course should be "incredibly proud".

Along with recruits from 297 Troop and reservists from 131 Squadron Royal Engineers, the Royal Marine reservists were pushed to the limit and battled harsh weather and flooded conditions on Dartmoor.

Lieutenant Colonel Mike Scanlon, Commanding Officer of Commando Training Wing, said the recruits had "earned the right to wear the Green Beret and the Commando Flashes".

"Welcome to a very special club, the only entry point to that club is completing the 30-miler today," he said.

"What you have done this week has culminated in this day, this afternoon and this moment.

"The performance you have delivered will define your lives from now on."

"There is no other way to get the Green Beret and the Commando Flashes. Well done."

Newly-qualified commando, Marine Dan Budge, said it was "one of the hardest, if not the hardest thing" he has ever done.

"It was definitely a morale-boosting moment today when the rain stopped, and now with a Green Beret on my head I couldn’t be more [proud]," he said.

Cover image: Royal Navy.