New Performers Graduate From Royal Marines School of Music

The Royal Marines operate five bands around the UK.

A new generation of musicians have taken a significant step towards a career with one of the bands of the Royal Marines.

Seventeen musicians took to the parade ground in front of friends and family in Portsmouth Naval Base for a passing out ceremony after graduating from the Royal Marines School of Music.

The ceremony marks the end of three years of intense training, and the graduates can look forward to a position in one of the world's most highly regarded military bands.

Passing out parade at Royal Marines School of Music

Musician Jonathan Griffin said he's looking forward to the next stage of his career now that his exams are over.

"It's been really challenging but great fun and really rewarding - And getting more of an insight into what I'll be doing later in the job"

Commandant General of the Royal Marines, Major General Charlie Stickland

The head of the Royal Marines, Major General Charlie Stickland, took to the parade ground to praise all the graduates for their hard work.

Graduates of Royal Marines School of Music

The Royal Marines Director of Music, Major Pete Curtis, said those who have made it through the training should be proud of the standards they have achieved.

"For some of them it's been a bit difficult - If you want to be a Royal Marine musician you've got to be tough so we make it hard. You've got to earn it"

Royal Marines School of Music passing out parade

All seventeen graduates can now look forward to joining one of the five Royal Marines bands around the UK.