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Would You Try The Army's New 'Millennial Diet'?

Smoothies are beating the iconic early-morning fry ups in the Army.

A new diet plan which offers avocado on toast, egg white omelettes and smoothies is being trialled in the Army.

Together with the characteristic millennial dishes included in the new 'Warrior Breakfast' menu, the Army is also offering a different morning mealtime (9.00 to 10.00), aiming to adapt to the changing food and lifestyle habits of troops.

Younger troops are more health-conscious than previous generations and there appear to be trends within the forces to complete exercise routines before having the first meal of the day.

"The wellbeing of our troops is very important and we educate personnel on maintaining a balanced lifestyle through nutrition, diet and exercise," said a Ministry of Defence spokesperson.

"Our healthy living pilot offers our soldiers more choice in how they maintain their health and fitness."

Dwindling numbers of troops living on barracks were turning up each day for breakfast, which is usually served from 7.00 until 8.00, as they avoided traditional options such as a full English. Instead, they consumed mid-morning protein-packed snacks to tide them over until lunch.

The pilot scheme is being tested on 4th Infantry Brigade and Headquarters North East in Catterick, North Yorkshire. 

The brunch meal plans were developed using specialist software to ensure they delivered balanced nutritional value and contained slow-release carbohydrates and lean proteins.

Army doctors will monitor the health and fitness of the troops involved in the pilot, which will run until December.

Pictures courtesy of Anna Pelzer, Eaters Collective and Magalie De Preux.