Royal Military Academy Sandhurst Commissioning Parade

New-Look Parade As Officer Cadets Pass Through Sandhurst During Pandemic

Traditions were adapted to mark the completion of 44 weeks of training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

Royal Military Academy Sandhurst Commissioning Parade

The end of a year's training for 186 officer cadets has been marked with a unique Commissioning Parade at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, which included efforts to combat the coronavirus outbreak.

Cadets were dressed in combat uniform and stood two metres apart, before empty grandstands usually filled with proud parents and loved ones. 

170 of the cadets involved were from the UK, whilst 16 were from overseas.

The name of the event was changed from the Sovereign’s Parade to the Commissioning Parade, as there was no representative of Her Majesty The Queen in attendance.

It concluded with the commissioning officer cadets marching off the parade square, up the steps and through the grand entrance to Old College.

However, they were not followed by the Academy Adjutant riding a horse which is the usual tradition.

Whilst families were unable to attend, the event was filmed by an Army news team.

Royal Military Academy Sandhurst Commissioning Parade
No family or friends were allowed to attend the parade because of the coronavirus outbreak (Picture: British Army).

Training at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst lasts for 44 weeks and aims to develops basic skills and fitness, leadership and practical application.

The cadets of Commissioning Course 192 became the first cohort of officers to commission while wearing battle dress since the Second World War. 

The parade has only been changed twice before – it was cancelled in February 1952 due to the death of King George VI, while in December 1981 it was moved indoors due to heavy snow.

The British officer cadets officially commissioned as Second Lieutenants in the British Army at midnight on 4 April.

While cadets from overseas will return to their countries’ armies.

Cover image: British Army.