Katrice Lee

Search for missing Katrice Lee ends

The Royal Military Police's search turned up no new leads on what happened to her.

Katrice Lee

The Royal Military Police have ended a search as part of an investigation into the disappearance of a soldier's two-year-old daughter in Germany.

More details are expected to be released tomorrow regarding the search of Paderborn's Alme river banks, but a spokesman said no new leads have been found in the investigation to discover what happened to Katrice Lee.

Excavation of the river bank started in early May and was scheduled to take five weeks, but the military said investigators were able to conclude work faster than planned.

Katrice Lee 2017 computer image
A computer-generated image of how Katrice Lee may have looked in 2017.

Katrice vanished on her second birthday on November 28, 1981, on the outskirts of Paderborn - near the British military base where her father Richard Lee was stationed.

The toddler had been out shopping with her mother at the Schloss Neuhaus NAAFI shopping complex at the time of her disappearance.

Last month, Mr Lee travelled to the site where his daughter went missing and described the visit as 

"a return to his nightmare".

A review of the evidence concluded the riverbank was "significant and of interest".