The new Head of the Army has represented Her Majesty The Queen at the Sovereign's Parade at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

General Mark Carleton-Smith inspected the officer cadets who were officially commissioned as officers in the British Army at midnight.

The parade marks the completion of a year's intensive training for 190 officer cadets from the UK and 30 from 17 overseas countries.

They were joined by the junior and intermediate officer cadets on the parade square.

For the occasion, friends, families and VIPs gathered before Old College Square to watch the cadets.

Sovereign Parade at Sandhurst with Mark Carleton-Smith  100818

After the inspection, the Chief of the General Staff addressed the cadets with this advice:

"At the heart of soldiering sits leadership, the basis of which in the British Army rests on mutual respect.

"Sharing the risks, the dangers and the hardship of your soldiers and understanding that the soldiers for whom you are responsible matter."

The United Kingdom officer cadets will be officially commissioned as officers in the British Army and those from overseas will return to their countries’ armies.

During the ceremony, the Sword of Honour, the Overseas Sword and the Queen's Medal are awarded by the Sovereign's Representative to the top Officer Cadets.

Sticking to tradition, the parade concluded with the officer cadets climbing up the steps of Old Colleges, with the Adjutant following them on horseback through the grand entrance to the military academy for the final time.