A New Generation Of Gurkhas Explore The UK

Seven weeks after the new Gurkha recruits landed in the United Kingdom from Nepal, platoon by platoon they have been stepping out of their barracks and experiencing British culture.

The first steps out of the Catterick camp were to the local shops, guided by their instructors.

"They were asking a lot of questions," says Gurkha Company Instructor Corporal Rabin Limbu when speaking of the new recruits' mood ahead of the big day out.

Gurkha recruits get briefed about UK supermarkets 220319 CREDIT BFBS.jpg
New recruits were shown around a local supermarket during their day out.

It may seem unusual to show people around supermarkets and how to cross the road, but for the new Gurkha recruits it is important to be able to understand British culture as best as they can.

"Everything is different for them. Shopping in the shopping centre is new for them; paying here is different; the rules are different," explains Corporal Limbu.

"Everything is new for them."

Learning to cross the road 220319 CREDIT BFBS.jpg
Crossing the road in the UK is completely different than crossing the road in Nepal.

After a tour of the supermarket, the new recruits had a first taste of fast food. 

They were shown how to queue in a single line and how to order food and drinks before enjoying their meals.

"It tastes like the best food I have ever tasted in my life," says Training Rifleman Diwash Rai after taking a bite of his breakfast sandwich.

Young recruits learn how to order breakfast at fast food chain 220319 CREDIT BFBS.jpg
Learning how to order at a fast food was an important experience for new recruits.

The Gurkhas also had a go at ordering taxis in English and travelled to Richmond to explore more of the UK.

Once there, they were allowed to explore the Green Howards Museum and to teach locals something of their own.

On returning to camp, the recruits must write 500 words in English about their first day in British life.

Hopefully, they will be good memories forming the start of their military careers.

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