Iranian President Hassan Rouhani inspects new 'Kowsar' fighter jet

New Fighter Jet Unveiled By Iranian Military

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani inspects new 'Kowsar' fighter jet

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in cockpit of new Kowsar jet (Picture: Office of Iranian President).

Iran has unveiled its first domestically-built fighter plane amid celebrations marking National Defence Industry Day.

The country's Iranian President Hassan Rouhani inspected the aircraft ahead of its maiden flight.

Iran's Defence Ministry says its fourth generation 'Kowsar' (also known as Kosar) jet is equipped with advanced avionic and fire control systems, and will be produced in single-seater and two-seater versions.

Iran's first domestically-built advanced 'Kowsar' fighter
Different versions of the jet will be produced (Picture: Iranian Ministry of Defence).

Defence analysts say Iran’s air force has been limited to a few dozen strike aircraft using either Russian or aging US models acquired before the 1979 Iranian revolution.

Iran's government says the new jet and upgrades to missile defences are designed to meet threats from Israel and the US.

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Video courtesy: Iran Aviation Industries Organisation (IAIO).