New Exhibition Highlights Stories Of Children In A Concentration Camp

Bergen-Belsen Memorial in Germany has opened a new exhibition to tell the stories of children at the concentration camp.  

The aim of the exhibition, ‘Children in the Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp’ is to help survivors find out their own history.

Bergen-Belsen exhibition

During the Second World War, the SS deported more children to Bergen-Belsen than to many other concentration camps - a total of around 3,500.

Many of the children who survived the camp were orphans and have little or no recollection of their time at the camp but they still have harrowing stories to tell.

Lous Steenhuis-Hoepelman, a Bergen-Belsen survivor
Lous Steenhuis-Hoepelman

Lous Steenhuis-Hoepelman, a Bergen-Belsen survivor, said: “A friend of my mother’s from the resistance, he heard the list on the radio and said to my mother - your daughter is still alive. My mother didn’t know I was still alive.”

Until now, no German speaking country has chronicled the experience of children living in the camps.

Bergen-Belsen’s exhibition on the stories, lives and memories of the children from the concentration camp will run until the end of September.

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