HMS Shoreham's Company in Bahrain 030120 CREDIT ROYAL NAVY

New Crew For Minehunter HMS Shoreham

The ship's new Commanding Officer said his crew were "keen to get started on operations".

HMS Shoreham's Company in Bahrain 030120 CREDIT ROYAL NAVY

The Royal Navy's HMS Shoreham has changed her crew for the first time since June, the Navy has said. 

The ship is one of four Navy mine-hunting vessels permanently based at the UK Naval Support Facility in Bahrain.

Mine Counter Measures (MCM) 1 Crew 4 have taken over from MCM1 Crew 6 who will now take service leave, before joining another minehunter, HMS Ramsey.

The ship changes her crew twice a year. 

Personnel from MCM1 Crew 4 took part in Operational Sea Training and NATO's Exercise Joint Warrior ahead of the deployment. 

HMS Shoreham in Bahrain 030120 CREDIT ROYAL NAVY
HMS Shoreham docked at the UK Naval Support Facility in Bahrain (Picture: Royal Navy).

New Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Commander Peter Evans, said: “The training and preparation to deploy the ship’s company to the Gulf was thorough and arduous, and started in June 2019.

"They have proved their ability to operate in the face of challenging conditions and demanding examiners, and they did so to a fantastic standard.

"We’re now keen to get started on operations and continue the great work done by all the ships deployed out here."

Since Crew 4 have been on board HMS Shoreham, they have hosted officers from the Royal Bahraini Naval Force, conducted counter-mining operations and a security patrol, concluding in a port visit to Dubai, the Navy said in a statement.

The Royal Navy has also Type 45 destroyer HMS Defender and Type 23 frigate HMS Montrose deployed to the Gulf. 

Cover Image: Ship's Company meet Commodore Dean Bassett from the UK Maritime Component Command (Picture: Royal Navy).