HMS Prince of Wales

New Captain Takes Command Of HMS Prince of Wales

The Royal Navy's second aircraft carrier will begin sea trials in 2019.

HMS Prince of Wales

The second carrier in the Queen Elizabeth-class is due to be commissioned in 2020 (Image: PA).

Commodore Stephen Moorhouse has taken charge of the Royal Navy’s second aircraft carrier, HMS Prince of Wales.

Cdre Moorhouse will take the rank of captain while in charge of Prince of Wales.

The new Captain said:

“I am delighted to assume command of HMS Prince of Wales at this exciting time as we prepare the ship to enter service.

"She will operate of the centre of a Maritime Task Group that will support the UK’s diverse diplomatic, security and economic interests around the globe."

Captain Stephen Moorhouse CREDIT ROYAL NAVY
Captain Stephen Moorhouse began his naval career in 1991 (Picture: Royal Navy).

Last month, the operations room of the HMS Prince of Wales was declared ready for ‘flashing up’ for the first time.

Moorhouse began his naval career at Britannia Royal Naval College in 1991 and has since served as Commanding Officer of HMS Lancaster and HMS Ocean.

HMS Prince of Wales is still under construction at Rosyth dockyard in Fife but is expected to start sea trials in late 2019.

Once fully operational the carrier will join her sister ship, HMS Queen Elizabeth, as the Royal Navy’s second aircraft carrier.

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