New Art Exhibition Opens Focuses On PTSD

All photography and art is focused on veterans diagnosed with the condition.

Post-traumatic stress disorder is the focus of a new exhibition in Windsor using photography and art sourced from veterans diagnosed with the condition.

Captured by photographer Phil Donnelly, many of the images and art focus on veteran Terry Brazier, now a world champion mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter.

One image shows the former parachutist, beret on, gazing deep into the camera.

But there is more to the image than immediately meets the eye - if you look closer you can see another picture of Terry’s family that has been photoshopped over his pupil.

Terry Brazier and family 121118 CREDIT BFBS
The image of Terry Brazier and his family photoshopped onto his eye.

“It was just powerful, it was really shocking looking at it,” Terry told Forces News.

“And I just couldn’t stop looking at it and I don’t normally like looking at pictures of myself! Phil Donnelly’s done such a good job with [it].”

Curated by Army veteran Leo Stokes, the former Irish Guardsman now paints and writes poetry to help deal with his PTSD.

“It goes through stages but for me personally it’s a way of bringing myself back into earth, instead of disassociating and getting through the day struggling,” he said.

“I’m trying to focus on something that will eventually hopefully be a positive.”

Terry Brazier and Leon Stokes 121118 CREDIT BFBS
Leon Stokes and Terry Brazier answer questions about mental health.

The two former soldiers even opened up at a Q&A session about the struggles they have had with their mental health.

“There needs to be more veterans stepping out and saying, look, whether I’m suffering or not, here’s… something that is a positive - like Terry’s doing. And to have him involved in this has been a pleasure," said Leo.