Cover image: The Brimstone Anti-tank Guided Weapon ‘Overwatch’ (Picture: General Dynamics UK).
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New Ajax Brimstone 'Overwatch' Variant Unveiled

Cover image: The Brimstone Anti-tank Guided Weapon ‘Overwatch’ (Picture: General Dynamics UK).

A new variant of the Ajax vehicle has been unveiled. 

The Brimstone Anti-tank Guided Weapon 'Overwatch' variant has been developed by General Dynamics Land Systems-UK in collaboration with MBDA.

The vehicle could operate in the vanguard of the British Army's future Heavy Brigade and Deep Recce Strike Combat Teams, providing vital force protection for the more dispersed force and ensuring the integrity of long-range persistent surveillance.  

The Overwatch's capability can be integrated on board an Ares reconnaissance and armoured personnel carrier which is part of the Ajax family and currently in service with the Army.

Carew Wilks, Vice President and General Manager of General Dynamics Land Systems–UK, said: "The Ajax family can fulfil a large number of roles for armed forces worldwide, including reconnaissance, persistent surveillance, command and control, and bridging.

"Our collaboration with MBDA further demonstrates the versatility of the Ajax fleet through the delivery of an 'Overwatch' capability quickly and effectively for the Heavy and Deep Recce Strike Brigade Combat Teams."

Watch: In 2017, we were given a guided tour around an Ares to talk about what it offers the British military.

Brimstone is a multiple-platform weapon for air, land and maritime environments.

General Dynamics Land Systems-UK said the weapon gives several targeting options while uniquely enhancing platform and operator survivability through "best-in-class" insensitive munition compliance.

The Brimstone Anti-tank Guided Weapon 'Overwatch' is the seventh variant of the Ajax family of vehicles. 

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) has ordered 589 Ajax vehicles as part of a £4.5bn deal.

The first six Ares vehicles were delivered in February 2019 and the rest will be delivered by 2024.

Ajax is intended to support the British Army's new Strike Brigades, Armoured Cavalry Regiments, Armoured and Armoured Infantry battlegroups and Combat Support elements.

Cover image: The Brimstone Anti-tank Guided Weapon ‘Overwatch’ (Picture: General Dynamics Land-Systems UK).

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