What Was It Like When The Falklands War Ended?

The men who served during the conflict paid their respects to their fallen comrades in Portsmouth.

Royal Navy veterans from the Falklands War have been telling Forces News what it was like when the 74-day campaign was brought to an end.

Peter Featherstone-Williams, who served on HMS Bristol during the Falklands war, recalled the day it ended: "Absolute pure elation and relief.

"It was a massive relief to know that the job had been done and then we could slowly reflect on our loses", Mr Featherstone-Williams added.

In Portsmouth, veterans of the conflict visited a memorial to both the soldiers and the sailors who left Portsmouth's city walls and never came back.

Veterans pay tribute to fallen comrades of the falklands war in Portsmouth Credit BFBS 140619
Veterans pay tribute to fallen comrades of the Falklands war on its 37th anniversary.

Barry Jones, who served on HMS Intrepid, said when he found out the war had ended he finally felt "safe":

"When the signal came through to say there was a white flag flying over Port Stanley, it was like 'YES' - just euphoria, we were safe, we just wanted to go home."

Kenneth Slater was also in Portsmouth paying respects to fallen comrades, he said when the war ended he was "absolutely delighted" as it meant he "would be going home".

The war, although brief, was costly.

Six Navy vessels, including the SS Atlantic Conveyor, were sunk and 255 British personnel died.

650 Argentinians also died in the conflict.

Now, 37 years on, it's still fresh in the memories of those who sailed half-way around the world to restore freedom to a far-flung British territory.