HMS St Albans at sea

Think your driving conditions are bad? Here’s the Royal Navy's sea view

Royal Navy sailors posted a video of the conditions they faced on Christmas Day at sea

HMS St Albans at sea

Royal Navy crew aboard a frigate have shared a glimpse of the conditions they face while patrolling Britain’s waters.

The view from HMS St Albans is seen through a short video posted on social media as the frigate crashed through rough seas on Christmas Day.

A post on the Twitter feed of HMS St Albans shows sea water crashing into the windows of the frigate on the day she shadowed a Russian warship through the North Sea.

Visibility is low as the frigate navigates her way through the powerful waves.

The 190-strong company aboard the HMS St Albans set sail on December 23 to monitor the Russian Admiral Gorshkov frigate and tracked its progress through “UK areas of national interest”.

The Royal Navy later shared a video from HMS Albans on social media, saying: “A glimpse of the conditions @HMSStAlbans endured while patrolling Britain's waters on Christmas Day. The frigate shadowed a Russian warship through the UK's area of interest over Christmas.”

HMS St Albans shadowed a Russian warship

A Twitter post from the HMS St Albans Twitter feed, featuring the video, had earlier said: “A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.”

One voice captured on the video is heard saying: “This is definitely a ‘driving home for Christmas’ Twitter meme.”

The Portsmouth-based Type 23 frigate was called upon to sail on 23 December and keep watch on the new Russian warship Admiral Gorshkov as it passed close to UK territorial waters. HMS St Albans remained at sea on Christmas Day to monitor the Russian frigate, keeping track of its activity in areas of national interest.

Pictures and video courtesy Royal Navy/Ministry of Defence