Royal Navy Submarine HMS Vengeance Departs Devonport

Three Royal Navy Submariners Discharged For Failing Cocaine Drugs Test

They were serving onboard the Vanguard-class vessel HMS Vengeance.

Royal Navy Submarine HMS Vengeance Departs Devonport

An archive picture of HMS Vengeance sailing from Plymouth in 2015.

Three sailors serving on board a nuclear submarine have been discharged from the Royal Navy after failing a compulsory drugs test.

They were serving on the Vanguard-class vessel HMS Vengeance when cleaners found cocaine in cabins onboard.

The submariners were believed to be of lower ranking.

A Royal Navy spokesperson said: “We can confirm that the individuals who tested positive for cocaine have now all been discharged. 

"The Royal Navy has a zero-tolerance policy and will not tolerate misuse of drugs by Service personnel in any form or at any time. Any personnel caught taking drugs will be discharged. 

“The Naval Service maintains a comprehensive programme of compulsory random drug testing to ensure maximum deterrence.”